Members of the Cowra Netball Association and Steph Cooke MP holding a large cheque and standing on a netball court. There are six members of the club with Steph, all of them wear black uniforms.
Members of the Cowra Netball Association and Steph Cooke MP.

Two Cowra Clubs are sharing in $17,330 from the NSW Government’s Sports Grants program.

The Member for Cootamundra announced the Cowra Netball Association had been awarded $4,330 as a travel subsidy to help players attend the Junior State Titles in Sydney, while the Cowra Rugby Club had secured $13,000 to increase seating and construct fencing at Cowra Rugby Park.

Steph Cooke MP said the grants would help more people enjoy local sport.

“This has been an incredibly difficult time for the Cowra community, so it’s such a pleasure to be able to announce this assistance for these clubs,” Ms Cooke said.

“These Sports Grants are part of a $4.6 million program from the NSW Government that is working hard to ensure our fantastic community sports groups have a bright future. As sports return it will be great to see this boost to local rugby, and this assistance to get our netballers to state-level competitions.”

Ian Robertson from the Cowra Rugby Club said the funding would benefit many clubs in town.

 “The funding is part of us developing a precinct for not only rugby, but other sports in Cowra that will allow us to attract semi-professional games to the town,” Mr Robertson said.  

“It’s very exciting to get this funding because it is part of a masterplan and every bit helps, particularly given the pressures on the town when it comes to fundraising with COVID-19 and the drought.”  

Amy O’Reilly from the Cowra Netball Association said the grant was a welcome boost.

“I can’t stress just how grateful we are for the funding and how appreciated it is by all our families, we are a small club that relies heavily on the generosity of our families and on our sponsors which are all local businesses,” Ms O’Reilly said.

“This grant has such a flow-on effect for our small club. We applied for this grant based on how our families and small businesses were struggling with the drought, now with COVID-19 mixed in to all that it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

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Ian Robertson and Steph Cooke MP holding a large cheque and standing on the Cowra rugby ground.
Ian Robertson and Steph Cooke MP.