Five high school students and their teacher stand with Steph Cooke in front of school banners and honour boards.
Nicholas Dun, Mackenzie Brenner, Niamh Mitton, Olivia Berry, Mrs Lisa Tulloch-Griffiths, Steph Cooke MP and Nathan Murdoch at Henry Lawson High School.

Henry Lawson High School students are looking to the future, developing solutions for every day sustainability problems in the community.

The Member for Cootamundra visited students and staff engaged in the Entrepreneurial Learning in Action program, a NSW Government-funded initiative helping Year 10 students develop entrepreneurial skills to make them more employable in the future.

Steph Cooke MP said the project is in full swing and delivering inspiring ideas.

“Seeing this program in action is incredible, these students are passionate about making the world they live in a better place and this program is providing them with skills for the modern workforce,” Ms Cooke said.

“Students shared details of their projects on reducing food waste, water recycling and helping consumers access eco-friendly products. This work is about real world sustainability: the students have identified issues in their communities and are finding innovative solutions.”

The students will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from the local community in a ‘Shark Tank’ style competition. Winning teams from each school will compete in a national pitch competition at the Brilliant Business Kids Festival in Sydney in November.

Principal of Henry Lawson High School Aaron Flagg said he was delighted his school was one of 21 regional schools participating in the program.

“We are so happy to be one of the schools selected, this program includes a Professional Learning Workshop for teachers and it identifies local industry and external stakeholders to engage with students, meaning the entire school community is benefiting,” Mr Flagg said.

“The program celebrates innovation, creative problem solving and entrepreneurship that culminates in a state wide competition. I want to applaud Ms Lisa Tulloch-Griffiths who is delivering the new entrepreneuring elective and look forward to the students ideas from the project.”

Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education Geoff Lee said the Entrepreneurial Learning in Action program is part of the NSW Government’s Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) program designed to help students develop innovation and entrepreneurial skills that’ll help them to secure work post-school.

“The NSW state government has a strong commitment to helping secondary students in regional areas see the opportunities for life beyond school in their local towns and industries,” Mr Lee said.