Steph Cooke MP with Leah Coggan, Heather Ritchie, Tony Porter, John Richens and Tricia Mack

Heritage in Murringo is set to benefit from almost $150,000 to support the community to protect their local heritage assets.

The restoration and interpretation of heritage items in the village of Murringo is the focus of a collaborative project between multiple private owners, Murringo Community Association, Hilltops Council, University of Canberra (UC) & Heritage Near Me.

Murringo resident Tony Porter received $50,148 to restore the Murringo Police Stables.

Back in 1880 when bushrangers roamed the area, the stables were built for the housing of mountain troopers’ horses to prevent them being stolen.

“If this money hadn’t have come through, we were literally looking at parts of the building falling down,” Mr Porter said.

“This part of the project will see the stone footings and foundations, wooden slab walls and the roof restored.”

The Murringo Community Association will also receive $99,361 for five projects in the village, including shearers’ quarters, a convent and the Plough Inn.

“Murringo is a haven of history and every corner tells a unique story,” Ms Cooke said.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that this application was successful, to ensure these precious assets are cared for and enjoyed well into the future, by both locals and visitors.

“It’s an innovative program, bringing together multiple parties under the common goal of conserving and sharing the stories, places and items that make the Murringo community what it is today,” she added.

The two projects will ensure the structural longevity of six heritage items, provide a resource to encourage visitors to visit Murringo and learn about its past and increase awareness of the value of the town’s heritage.

They will also increase the capacity of local owners to manage their heritage items on an ongoing basis and, in partnership with UC, provide an opportunity for Heritage students to develop practical skills, resulting in a heritage conservation plan to help owners manage their item.

For more information on the Heritage Near Me program, which offers a range of grant programs to assist local communities, owners and managers of heritage items, visit