Melanie Cooper, Steph Cooke MP, Jan Diprose, Lorraine Seery and Pam Livingston hold a large cheque and stand in front of trays of native plants.
Melanie Cooper, Steph Cooke MP, Jan Diprose, Lorraine Seery and Pam Livingston at the Weddin Community Native Nursery.

The Weddin Community Native Nursery will soon have new educational signs thanks to the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke today announced a grant of $8,762 to create environmental, educational signs at the nursery which will help people select appropriate native plant species for revegetation projects.

Ms Cooke said the funding would support a great local venture that was giving a helping hand to the environment.

“This nursery does a fantastic job in supplying vital native species for local Landcare projects and it’s great to be able to support them in this way,” Ms Cooke said.

“These signs will help customers make informed decisions about the native species they will plant and the benefits they will bring to different parts of the region.”

“The demand for these signs shows just how many people are getting involved in environmental and regeneration projects, which is great news for the community.”

Local Landcare Coordinator Melanie Cooper said the grant was a huge boost to the volunteer-run nursery.

“There will be 10 signs which will divide up the plants in the nursery and make it a lot easier for customers and the volunteer staff at the nursery to select the plants they need,” Ms Cooper said.

“These signs will also include educational information for customers on the uses and benefits of native plant species, e.g talking about the benefits of farm trees, how to attract native birds to my garden, bush tucker etc.”

 “This funding is very, very welcomed. The nursery is volunteer-run and has a bit of a shoestring budget so any external financial assistance is gratefully received.”