Steph Cooke and a group of people stand on a balcony holding a large cheque.

The Member for Cootamundra has announced funding to improve access and undertake repairs at the Ardlethan Showground.

Steph Cooke awarded a $19,104 grant from the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund to repair the walkway, road, ramp and doorway area at the Ardlethan Showground.

Ms Cooke said the upgrades would ensure the showground could be enjoyed by everyone.

“Showgrounds are vital community spaces and it’s so important people of all mobility levels can come and enjoy the events and gatherings that happen at them,” Ms Cooke said.

“This funding will enable the Ardlethan Show Management Committee to undertake this important work and I congratulate them on securing this grant.”

President of the Ardlethan Show Management Committee Ralph Nisbet said the funding was very welcome.

“This is absolutely fantastic. This is wonderful news. We will be able to do improvements that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”

“This will mean far better access for people with mobility issues in to the dining area.”

“Some of this funding is also going in to foundational work, we have had some issues with water going under the building and this will mean we can control this and maintain the integrity of the building for years to come. This will mean we can ensure this building lasts us in to the future.”