Steph Cooke and a female student bump elbows in front of a brightly painted wall with large flowers, butterflies and bees.
Steph Cooke with a student at Wyangala Dam Public School

Students and teachers at Woodstock Public School and Wyangala Dam Public School are enjoying their brand new air conditioning system.

The system was installed under the NSW Governments five year Cooler Classrooms Program which installs school wide air ventilation systems that allow individual classes to maintain the optimum temperature for learning.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke celebrated with the school and said she was proud the NSW Government was taking care of public school students in the Cootamundra electorate.

“The system is incredible; classrooms have panels that tell people when to open the windows, or when to close them so it can deliver fresh or cooled air. Meaning our students and teachers can work in comfortable conditions all year round,” Ms said.

“I’m delighted that students are learning in well-ventilated classrooms that are always at the best temperature for concentration thanks to the delivery of the Cooler Classrooms Program here at Woodstock Public School and Wyangala Dam Public School.”

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the project at Woodstock Public School and Wyangala Dam Public School was part of the NSW Government’s $500 million five-year Cooler Classrooms Program.

“I’m pleased that construction for the Cooler Classrooms Program is now complete at Woodstock Public School and Wyangala Dam Public School, and I’m very glad that students and teachers can benefit from having cooler and better quality air in their classrooms.

“We know the relationship between the quality of learning environments and learning outcomes and we’re committed to providing optimal teaching and learning environments for all students and teachers at public schools across NSW,” Ms Mitchell said.

As well as cooling, the systems deliver fresh outside air, incorporate smart controls to ensure they operate efficiently, and where feasible, will be solar powered to reduce the financial and environmental impact of running the systems.

The Cooler Classrooms Program is a $500 million, five-year investment by the NSW Government to improve learning environments in public schools across NSW.

The NSW Government is investing $6.7 billion over four years to deliver more than 190 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW. This is the largest investment in public education infrastructure in the history of NSW.