Nurse Louise McCabe Officially Recognised

Tallimba nurse Louise McCabe has been presented with a NSW Government Community Service Award, in recognition of her outstanding efforts in response to a challenging medical emergency.

On Saturday 9 April, Ms McCabe was attending a rugby union fixture between West Wyalong Redbacks and Boorowa Goldies when a player suffered a critical injury.

The Registered Nurse was amongst the first responders, providing CPR immediately following the incident which ultimately saved his life.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke has congratulated Ms McCabe, presenting her with an official award in recognition of her heroic actions.

“It is an honour to recognise Louise, having gone above and beyond what would reasonably be expected of her as she went about her business that day,” Ms Cooke said.

“Moreover, Louise has taken this difficult situation as an opportunity to spread the importance of first aid. This is an invaluable message to promote, because how we respond can make all the difference to someone experiencing a medical emergency.”

Speaking to Steph, Ms McCabe has said it is one thing to use your medical training in a work environment but another when off-duty, in the middle of a rugby field.

“This is beyond anything I could imagine, saving someone’s life with CPR,” Ms McCabe said.

“It was a team effort and I feel privileged that I was there at the right time to assist with the skills I have as a nurse.”

The NSW Government Community Service Award recognises individuals in NSW who have substantially helped to improve the quality of life of members of their community.

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