Small Schools of Weddin Shire Recruited to Improve Local Biodiversity

A $4,940 grant will bring together Caragabal, Greenethorpe and Quandialla Public Schools to partake in the ‘Birds, Bats and Bugs’ project, led by the Weddin Landcare Steering Committee, Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke has announced.

Ms Cooke said the grant was funded through the Local Land Services Resilient Communities Small Grants program and targets projects with a natural resource or cultural heritage focus that improve community resilience.

“This project stems from one already running with Caragabal Public School, the Environmental Street Art Project, which involves students researching local birds and threatening processes to then select species for a public artwork.

“The almost-$5,000 grant allows students and the community to continue to raise awareness of local biodiversity issues.

“Each of the three schools will adopt an ‘ecosystem benefactor’. Caragabal has claimed birds, Greenethorpe will be microbats and Quandialla will be insects, to form the ‘Birds, Bats and Bugs’ project.

“Students will then be able to put their learnings into action with the installation of artificial habitats for their chosen ecosystem benefactors at their schools.

“It is hoped that once the three schools have gained confidence in their chosen ecosystem benefactor they can then get together, either in person or online, to discuss their findings with each other.” Ms Cooke said the Catchment Action NSW program has been running for the last three years, with communities from across the state benefiting from the program, including in Condobolin, Dubbo, Quambone, Caragabal, Greenethorpe, Forbes and Quandialla.