Steph Cooke stands with five Lions members who wear their yellow and navy shirts. All smile at the camera and stand in front of cardboard recycling equipment.

The service and dedication of the Temora Lions Club has been celebrated with Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke awarding a Seniors Local Achievement Award to the Club.

The Temora Lions are champions of recycling in the community, working closely with the Temora Shire Council to reduce recyclables going in to landfill.

The Temora Lions are regularly pressing cardboard in to bales and last year put 150,130 recyclable items through Return and Earn.

Steph Cooke MP said the Temora Lions go above and beyond for their community.

“I am so pleased the Temora Lions Club is being recognised for the ongoing hard work they do for the community,” Ms Cooke said.

“Processing recycling is physically hard work and the Lions do it not for financial reward, but to fundraise for others.”

“It’s wonderful to acknowledge the work of the entire team for their years of service to our community.”

Temora Lions Club President Robert Cartwright said the club was proud of its ongoing efforts.

“This is a reward for the work the members put in, we spend five days a week pressing cardboard and packing bottles, a lot of which we don’t get paid for. This is great recognition of our work,” Mr Cartwright said.

“We get a lot of satisfaction out of our work as Lions, it’s giving back we couldn’t do as individuals but we can do it as a group. We get on very well together and we are a tight knit group.”

“But we would always love to see new members.”