Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke joined the celebrations today as the Easy to do Business scheme reached a major milestone.

Temora Shire Council is the 100th council to sign up to the project, which aims to slash red tape and get would-be entrepreneurs on their way much more quickly than ever before.

“This is such a fantastic initiative and I can speak from small-business experience when I say that Easy to do Business is a total game changer,” Ms Cooke said.

“This scheme makes NSW the easiest state to do business in, because it provides some vital support both for start-ups and established business owners looking to grow.

“The scheme has got well under way helping cafes, restaurants and bars, and I’m delighted to see the lovely town of Temora has signed up,” Ms Cooke said.

Easy to do Business provides support through a single digital portal and personalised back-up from a business concierge, helping customers to transact with three levels of government to start or grow their business.

“This scheme provides some important support during the critical early period of a new business’s development,” Ms Cooke said.

“More than 1000 customers have contacted the business concierge for support, and more than 750 business customers are benefiting from Easy to do Business.

“The service gives step-by-step guidance through various application processes, and the free Business Concierge can answer questions, liaise with council and agencies, and review their applications to ensure they are decision ready and therefore processed faster.

“The initiative means a small bar could be up and running six months faster, thanks to clearer information and simpler processes,” Ms Cooke added.

Mayor of Temora Shire Council Rick Firman said Easy to do Business would be a great boon for Temora Shire.

“I can speak from experience when I say that this scheme will bring some invaluable support for any entrepreneurs looking to start a café or restaurant,” Mayor Firman said.

“As a business owner myself I am only too aware of the challenges a start-up can face, which is why I’m delighted the scheme is helping provide a clear path forward for anybody who is planning to make that first important step.”

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