Students and their parents in the Cootamundra electorate are being encouraged to embrace mathematics with a new campaign aiming to shift attitudes towards the subject.

The campaign is part of a broader NSW mathematics strategy, which is supporting schools and students to succeed in this critical subject.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke said mathematics is part of life and we need to encourage our kids to take on maths with a positive attitude.

“Parents and carers play such an important role in how children engage with their studies and particularly maths,” Ms Cooke said.

The new campaign features an online resource hub, Everyday maths, designed to help parents and carers engage with their children’s mathematics learning, supporting them to feel more confident in teaching and talking with their child about mathematics.

This strategy also includes funding that will strengthen mathematics teaching.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said mathematics is everywhere and mastering it will help our children succeed in anything they choose to do.

“For parents, maths homework can be confronting, this campaign is asking parents and carers to be positive and involved in their child’s mathematics education,” Ms Mitchell said.

As part of the NSW Curriculum Reform, the NSW Department of Education will work with the NSW Education Standards Authority and Skills and Higher Education to design and develop mathematics course for students K-12.

The new resource hub, Everyday Maths, is available at