Cub Scouts in the Grenfell area will be able to remain cool thanks to a NSW Government grant of $18,300.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke presented the 1st Grenfell Cub Scouts with the Community Building Partnerships funding on Monday, part of which will bring renovations to the Cubs’ hall to improve heating and cooling.

“The Cub Scout movement provides a wonderful environment for young people to grow their skills and their social networks, so it’s a privilege to provide the Grenfell Cubs with this funding,” Ms Cooke said.

“They use an old corrugated iron hall in which they will build a room with split system air conditioning, and this will create a temperature-controlled space for activities such as craft or badge work.

“Either in winter or summer, this insulated space will be ideal for their work,” Ms Cooke added.

Ann Best, treasurer of the Cubs group, said they would also make improvements to an existing storage area.

“We are going to cement a storage area, an annexe off the hall, because at the moment it’s only a dirt floor,” Mrs Best said.

“With the separate room, it’s going to be awesome!”

Mrs Best highlighted how much of a boost the funding would be.

“We have got one of the highest memberships by percentage of population for a Cub group. We only have a small population but we’ve got about 20 Cubs, which is awesome,” she said.

“We don’t charge anything over and above our fees, we do fundraising to cover our costs, so this is an enormous amount for the size we are – we couldn’t fundraise that in the Grenfell community.”

The Community Building Partnership program has funded some 13,800 community projects since it commenced nearly a decade ago.

For more information about the NSW Government’s 2018 Community Building Partnership Program, visit

CAPTION: Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke with the 1st Grenfell Cub Scouts, who are receiving $18,300 of Community Building Partnerships funding to improve their corrugated iron hall.