Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke visited Narrandera Public School today to present $4000 to enable a student leadership team to attend a Sydney forum.

The grant will enable a team of nine students – two captains and seven prefects – to go to the Sydney Young Leaders Conference next month.

Ms Cooke said it was important that the students be exposed to new ideas and experiences at the forum.

“The student leaders have an important role to play and attending this conference will be such a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for them,” Ms Cooke said.

“It will equip them with additional skills as well as enable them to share experiences and ideas with their peers from other schools.

“Thousands of students from primary schools across NSW will come together to listen to a number of respected speakers and enjoy being exposed to new ways of thinking and new ways of leading,” Ms Cooke added.

Derek Noffke, principal of Narrandera Public School, said the conference will not only enhance the students’ leadership skills, it will also enable personal development in a different environment.

“The trip will allow our students the opportunity to enjoy and experience the city environment, as a number would not have had the opportunity to experience a big city setting,” Mr Noffke said.

“They will attend the event with other schools, which will also allow them the opportunity to socialise and network with other students from other areas of NSW – this is a great opportunity for our school leaders,” he added.