Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke visited Barellan today to hand over the keys to the residents of new units at the Barellan Aged Care facility.

Supported by a $351,150 Stronger Country Communities Fund grant, the three units are specially designed to meet tenants’ needs.

“It’s been fantastic to come to Barellan and hand over the keys for these new two-bedroom units, which have been specially designed by an architect with experience in the needs of aged care residents,” Ms Cooke said.

“I am sure these new homes will be much loved and I hope there will be plenty of happy memories created here.

“These units have bathrooms which are set up for aged or disabled tenants, including wheelchair users, and the units allow an ambulance stretcher to gain access inside.

“There are plenty of cupboards which are easily accessible and close to the ground, while power switches are large to make them easier to use.

“The Barellan Aged Care Support does a fantastic job of making sure that members of the Barellan community who have specific needs are able to remain near families and friends instead of moving away.

“Their hard work is helping make sure this community stays together and stays strong.”

Sandra Vicary, secretary of the Barellan Aged Care Support Group, explained the important role the units serve.

“It makes a great deal of difference to people who move in to these units because they don’t have to leave Barellan – most have lived here all their lives. If they couldn’t live here, they would have to move to Narrandera or elsewhere for accommodation, if it’s available,” Ms Vicary said.

“If they did find something, it may well be outside their rent budget, and even if they could afford somewhere, it may not have the modifications they need.

“These units are also situated one block away from a community health nurse, as well as community health doctor and podiatrist, and people can still access home care, they can get Meals on Wheels, they can get all those support services coming to Barellan to help them remain in Barellan.”