Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke stepped into the ring today as she presented a cheque for $5000 to Bidgee Boxing.

The money will fund a project allowing female high school students to enjoy some early morning exercise before a healthy breakfast, some mentoring and then on to the rest of the school day.

“This is a wonderfully well thought out initiative,” Ms Cooke said.

“It’s such a good idea to combine exercise with some breakfast, accompanied by presentations every week from a member of our many wonderful community services such as NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, Roads and Maritime Services, and representatives of our local business community such as a bank manager,” Ms Cooke added.

Each term a group of 10 students will train at the Bolton Street gym twice a week, before getting changed, having breakfast and enjoying the presentations.

Ms Cooke said the students will find out about a range of practical and self-development topics.

“The students will learn some of those vital life skills which often get taken for granted as we grow up, but which can be a bit scary if you have to tackle them without any preparation,” Ms Cooke said.

“There will also be a counsellor once every term to talk to the students about their development and to discuss what they are likely to be experiencing both physically and emotionally.

“I’d like to thank Neville and Nikita Bamblett for all the hard work and considered thinking which has gone into this wonderful project,” Ms Cooke added.