Honouring Years of Selfless Service

Member for Cootamundra, Steph Cooke was on hand to personally thank local members of the NSW RFS for their years of continued service, during recent events honouring their long-standing contribution to the local community.

Ceremonies were held in Tubbul, Milvale, and Harden on Saturday (19 August 2023), to present medals in recognition of the commitment and dedication of 40 RFS members across the Cootamundra electorate.

“We all owe such a debt of gratitude to our dedicated NSW RFS firefighters for their continued service in the face of bushfires, floods, and other emergencies; where would we be without them,” Ms Cooke said.

“The years of service these individuals represent is just extraordinary; in Tubbul, medals were presented to eight members of the local RFS brigade, who combined, have clocked up 472 years of combined service, which is an amazing achievement.

“While in Milvale, a further eight members were presented with Long Service Medals that together represented 262 years of combined service, and in Cunningar a ceremony was held to present members from across the South West Slopes RFS Zone, with Long Service, and National Medals.

“Nine members were also presented with the National Emergency Medal following their service during the 2019/2020 bushfire season, while the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal was also presented to a local RFS member who helped fight fires in Canada.

“It was an honour to pay tribute to these brigades, and present medals to this group of dedicated individuals, who have done us all very proud with their years of loyalty.

“On behalf of the entire Cootamundra electorate, I congratulate them, and extend our sincere thanks,” she said.                                                                                                         


Long Service Medals:

  • David (Spud) Gibson – 53 Years
  • Geoff DeBritt – 53 Years
  • The late Graeme Butt – 53 Years
  • James Davidson – 53 Years
  • Kevin Coddington – 65 Years
  • Peter Coddington – 65 Years
  • Robert Coddington – 65 Years
  • Lionel Clark – 65 Years


Long Service Medals:

  • Adam Fisher – 14 years
  • Chris Schiller – 20 years
  • Geoff Schiller – 20 years
  • Scott Schiller – 20 years
  • Steve Boland – 29 years
  • Michael Schiller – 53 years
  • Paul Booker – 53 years
  • John Booker – 53 years


Long Service &/or National Medals:

  • Dennis Hancock (both medals)
  • Irene Hancock (both medals)
  • Peter Bulliman
  • Phillip Baer
  • Ken Chudleigh
  • Geoffrey Crocker
  • Brian Morgan
  • Bryan Gawthrop
  • David Pascoe
  • John Ashcroft
  • Kenneth You
  • Wesley Lesberg
  • Kevin Sharp
  • Shane Collier

Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal, British Columbia:

Alwin Remington

National Emergency Medal:

  • Bradley Thomson
  • Brian Norris
  • Christopher McDonnell
  • Christopher Rainbow
  • Damian Britt
  • Ian Campbell
  • Jack Graham
  • Lindsay Britt
  • Peter Britt

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