Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke opened the new Water Infrastructure at Bribbaree this week, allowing that community to have a cleaner, reliable water source.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke travelled to Bribbaree this week to attend the opening of their new water infrastructure, designed to pump water from a bore, supplying the community with a cleaner, more reliable water source.

The village has relied on groundwater run-off to fill a dam and provide water for washing clothes and running showers, but the current drought meant that dam levels fell to dangerously low levels.

“This infrastructure will make such a difference to the community of Bribbaree.” Ms Cooke said.

“Water is something that so many of us take for granted when we turn a tap, yet there are many who don’t have that luxury; with this project completed, the Bribbaree community will now be able to enjoy a secure water source.

“I’m grateful to Minister for Water Melinda Pavey for enabling this vital project to come to fruition.

The Bribbaree Water Infrastructure project was made possible, thanks to a $127,000 grant from the NSW Government’s $15 million Emergency Fund, along with a further $54,500 grant paid to Hilltops Council to cart water to the Bribbaree community while the infrastructure was being completed.

Greg Coltman, president of the Bribbaree Water and Progress Association, explained how much change the infrastructure has meant for the community.

“Previously, we relied on water from a dam that was built in 1978, fed by rainfall and run-off.” Mr Coltman said.

“With the drought, it was drying up, so we came up with this scheme, to pump water from a bore into the town and now that the project is complete, Bribbaree is virtually drought-proof.

“Powderly’s Plumbing and Irrigation did a fantastic job. We told them what we wanted and they designed the system.

“We are now getting calls from other small towns and communities like Bribbaree, wanting to know how we did it. This project is the first of its kind and could make a huge difference to a lot of smaller communities who are feeling the effects of drought.” Mr Colton said.