Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke has put out the word: if you run a must-see tourist destination but need help getting your name out there, reach out, because there is a plan.

Destination Riverina Murray, which helps promote tourism in the Cootamundra electorate, yesterday launched the Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan to help boost visitor numbers.

“Destination Riverina Murray is an organisation which exists solely to help tourist destinations attract more visitors,” Ms Cooke said.

“Today they released a plan to promote growth in the Cootamundra electorate’s tourism industry, as part of a wider scheme to bring tourists to the Riverina Murray region,” she added.

The Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan highlights key tourism attractions, analyses strengths and identifies opportunities, all in a bid to draw more crowds.

Genevieve Fleming, chairperson of Destination Riverina Murray, said the plan provides a strong path forward for tourism.

“The plan will be essential in influencing and securing financial support from government or private investors for tourism projects and related infrastructure in the region,” she said.

“I encourage the many businesses and organisations within the region’s tourism industry to use the plan as a guide and work with Destination Riverina Murray to develop tourism businesses and visitor experiences.”

Ms Cooke said the organisation can also provide day-to-day practical guidance for tourism ventures.

“Whether it’s an established business looking to break visitor records or a more modest venture wanting to expand, Destination Riverina Murray can offer practical help which any company can access,” she said.

“They can help businesses identify suitable NSW Government grants, they can develop workshops and create training programs,” she added.

For more information on the Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan or for advice from Destination Riverina Murray, email