Bill West, Steph Cooke MP, Ian Robertson and two young boys hold a sign reading 'playing field lighting upgrade and enclosure fencing' with the NSW Government and Cowra Rugby Club logos.
Mayor Bill West, Steph Cooke MP, Ian Robertson and Cowra Rugby Club supporters.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke has opened upgrades to the Cowra Rugby Club.

The NSW Government has supported the upgrades through a $154,186 grant from Clubgrants for the redevelopment of playing field lighting and $13,000 from Local Sports Grants for the fencing around main playing field and extra spectator seating.

Ms Cooke said the upgrades had helped to create a sporting precinct for the community.

“It’s clear the community and particularly the Cowra Rugby Club have put a lot of time and effort in to these upgrades and the finished product is fantastic,” Ms Cooke said.

“This ground can now attract even higher level games which will be a huge boost for Cowra.”

“This ground can now be used by a range of sports with more space for spectators, meaning more people can get out and enjoy sport in our community. Well done to everyone involved in the upgrades.”

President of the Cowra Rugby Club Ian Robertson said the work was part of a larger redevelopment plan.

“The upgrades that we’ve completed to the playing field and the fencing are part of the infrastructure masterplan that we have in place is to create a facility that can compete against the larger regional centres,” Mr Robertson said.

“This is working towards us having a sporting facility to the standard that will attract those higher level games that would otherwise go to those larger centres

“It’s great we’ve got this work done, this is a major step forward in that masterplan and we’ve had feedback from lots of other teams and players who feel this is now one of, if not the best facility in the Central West competition.”

“We’d like to thank the Member for Cootamundra in her assistance with our application for funding, and to the Club for their fundraising work.”